Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quiz Answers!!!

Hi everyone! Here are the answers to this week's quizzes!:


The answer is Flemish Rex. I don't know how you all guessed that one. I probably (if I didn't already know the answer) would have guessed Sokoke or Toyger. Anyway, I made the Flemish Rex up. At first I messed up the quiz because when I first posted it, I only put in real cat breeds, and forgot to put in a fake one. There are such things as rex cats, but there are no Flemish rexes. Only Devon Rexes and Cornish Rexes. Anyway sokoke and toyger cats are pretty rare and super expensive apparently, but they have really cool coat patterns.

This cat is a toyger cat. As you can see it was bred to look like a tiger.

I love this cat's coat pattern. Isn't it gorgeous? I could have sworn that I saw a cat similar to this at the shelter once.


The answer to this one is... most of you got this one right, the Flemish Giant. (I only just noticed but I used "flemish" in both of my answers.) Anyway Flemish Giant rabbits are huge. They are typically said to be 13 pounds +. Usually they are around fifteen to twenty pounds, but there have even been some that have gotten up to fifty pounds. (that is the world's largest rabbit whose brother is also giant at 45 pounds.) They can be so big, that the breed description does not have a maximum weight.

Here is a link to a picture of someone holding a Flemish Giant. And that isn't even as big as they get. 
And this is the link to one of the largest Flemish Giants:

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  1. Even though I thought Flemish Rex wasn't a breed, it still sounds like it could be one! You're good at making up names that don't sound totally ridiculous. Are the other rabbit breeds you had in the largest rabbit quiz all real breeds? Love the new quizzes. The second one is interesting.
    Sarah :)

  2. I got lucky with the quiz because, being a spinner who has friends that raise rabbits, I knew the answer. Then it just seemed logical that the cat couldn't be 'Flemish' too. Those are BIG rabbits! Make Munchkin look small. Love the quizzes!!
    -Old Animal Lover