Sunday, March 27, 2011

New blog gadget!

Blogger just came out with a new gadget, which I just added to my Critter Care blog. Over on the top right of the page you can enter your email address to subscribe to the blog. Just thought I would let you know what that thing is over there. And if you want to subscribe to my blog via email, go ahead and give it a whirl!


  1. Signed up here, too. Tough dog breed questions - they ALL sound like you made them up!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Wow, the dog breed quiz is tricky! The first two are especially puzzling to me. I'm not yet sure which one to vote for! In the rat breed quiz, they all sound real! Good quizzes this week. I'm looking forward to learning the answers. I'll be signing up for the email subscription to your blog too!
    Sarah :)

  3. Wow! - I really had to guess at this. Studied the questions for awhile and made a couple very uneducated guesses - going on intuition.
    -Animal Gram