Thursday, March 17, 2011

Answers to some comments I just got

This is a far cry from the goldfish in a bowl that I had as a kid!

With all of your pet care do you keep track off it on a calendar or something? It seems like you have a lot of specific things to do with a pretty definite timetable, not to mention the everyday feedings, dog walks, etc.

- Old Pet Lover 

Yes, I do have a sort of calendar that has all of the pet care that I need to do. It is on my computer, but I don't actually don't need it very often. I typically can just keep track of it all in my head. I do stick to a pretty definite times for everything. Each day I spend a moment going through everything that I have to do for all of my pets and make sure that I have done everything. I am probably going to do a post about what my routine for all of the critters is like. (that will probably be on my critter corner blog)

Hmm....this seems too easy.... are there trick answers here? Still loving the quizzes!

- Animal Gram 

No trick answers here. I just decided to do a few easy ones this week (especially the rabbit one, that question is pretty easy).

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