Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My supply list for bettas

Here is a list of things that I think every betta (every spoiled betta) should have:

A tank  (at least two and half gallons)
A filter (just make sure it is not too powerful) (if the current is too strong the betta won't be able to swim because of it's long fins)
A heater (preferably only 25 watts and set at about 74-80 degrees)
A net (for removing the fish from the tank if necessary)
A bucket (for water changes)
A gravel vacuum/siphon (this is to clean the gravel and change the tank water)
Algae scrubber ( if you have a plastic/acrylic tank look for one made especially for that kind of tank) (plastic tanks will scratch easily)
Water conditioner (this removes chlorine and chloromines that will kill the fish and it supplements the fish's natural  protective slime coating)
Water test kit (you need to test the levels of ph, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia)
Gravel (make sure it is not too sharp because bettas like to swim along the gravel sometimes)
Plastic or silk plants (silk is probably best because it is soft and easy on their fins however it is tricky to find)
A plastic rock cave (bettas like places to swim through and hide)
Betta food
 and if you really want to spoil your betta...

a betta bed (this is a fake leaf bed for them to rest on)
a floating betta log (similar function as the betta bed)
aquarium salt (a teaspoon of this in the water helps prevent disease)

I think I covered it all!

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