Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New blog!

As most of you who check out this blog may have guessed by that fact that I haven't done a post in 2 years (wow!) I have pretty much retired this blog, however I decided I would like to get back into blogging so I now have a new blog: The Bunny Beat dedicated to all things rabbit :). If any of you who read this blog are bunny lovers then be sure to check it out! The web address is www.thebunnybeat.blogspot.com

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


For a while now I have had two blogs (Critter Corner and this one), and I have decided it would just be simpler if I just combined them. It is confusing trying to keep track of two blogs, so Critter Care is going to be moving to Critter Corner.

Here is the link to Critter Corner: 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Introduction to Syrian Hamsters

Since I now have a syrian hamster, I am going to do some posts about how to take care of syrian hamsters. 

So here is a little bit about syrian hamsters:

Syrian hamsters, also known teddy bear hamsters, are the largest breed of hamster usually being 5 to 7 inches long.

They can be a variety of colors and coat types. Some of the colors include black and white (panda bear), black (black bear), white, golden (golden bear), and brown among others.

Syrian hamsters can be short haired or long haired. They can also have satin coats which are more shiny than most hamster's fur.

Syrian hamsters are generally friendly and easy to handle, but they may be grumpy when first woken up. 

Syrian hamsters have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years.

Next Post: What you supplies you need for a syrian hamster

Friday, March 9, 2012


I am making a series of videos about rabbit care. This is the first:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saving money on rabbit food/ hay

For nearly a year I purchased all of my bunny's food at the pet store. Eventually I grew tired of the high price and the low quality. I never found a hay that Munchkin really liked, and I found a good pellet brand, but it was very expensive.

When I began planning on getting a second rabbit, I wanted to look for cheaper alternatives, and hopefully in the process find a hay that suited Munchkin's picky tastes.

Eventually I came across to Internet-based businesses: Sweet Meadow Farm's and Kleen Mama's Hayloft. Both sold hay at a fraction of the cost of the pet store, and Sweet Meadow also sold cheaper pellets. 

I decided to try them out. The pellets from Sweet Meadow are essentially the same as the most expensive high-quality pet store pellets, but at about half the cost. 

I tried hay from both Sweet Meadow and Kleen Mama's. My picky hay eater loved them both. I preferred the Kleen Mama's hay but both were much better than the pet store hay.

I did some calculating and found out about how much I am actually saving by my switch:

I used to spend about $2.40 per pound of Oxbow pellets.

Sweet Meadow pellets are only $1.40 per pound.

I estimated that by switching to Sweet Meadow, I save about $150 ever year on pellets.

I used to spend $6.40 per pound of hay. 

With Kleen Mama's I only spend $1.92 per pound.

I estimated that by switching to Kleen Mama's I save about $340 dollars a year on hay.

(and that is even with the fact that I actually buy more hay per bunny than I used to because Munchkin actually eats a lot of hay, now that I feed them Kleen Mama's)


My calculations include the cost of feeding both my bunnies.

My calculations for the yearly hay cost, is far from exact as I am unsure of exactly how much hay my bunnies eat in a year since they get unlimited hay every day.

The cost of shipping from Kleen Mama's and Sweet Meadow is pretty expensive, but I included the shipping in my calculations. So even with expensive shipping they are WAY cheaper than the pet store brands.

here are links to Sweet Meadow Farm and Kleen Mama's Hayloft:

Friday, March 2, 2012

New video

Here is a video about bonding bunnies:

Hope you enjoyed! I will be getting back to doing some more posts on here soon, and I am planning on doing a "rabbit care" video series soon. And if I think up some good questions I will put up some new quizzes soon too. :)