Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quiz Answers!!!

I am doing these one day early, but it is just easier for me to do them today because I am going to be pretty busy tomorrow. So here are the quiz answers!! ( Hasn't the week just flown by? I feel like I just did these yesterday!!!)


The answer is that they need a brushing, a nail clipping, and occasional baths.
Here's why:

Brushing helps keep the guinea pig's fur clean and yes, guinea pigs do shed. Their nails are always growing so they need to be clipped every one to two weeks. When cutting a guinea pig's nails be careful not to cut the quik, which is blood vessels and tissue located inside the nail. Guinea pigs groom themselves, so frequent baths are not necessary. I would recommend giving a guinea pig a bath maybe once or twice a year. Too many baths are stressful and dry out the coat, but guinea pigs do get a bit dirty eventually so once or twice a year is usually good.

And for those of you, who selected "teeth brushing" as your answer:
Guinea pigs teeth are constantly growing, and guinea pigs are constantly chewing on hay and chew toys, so they have very clean teeth and do not need their teeth brushed. Not to mention that would be very difficult.


The answer is ten ml (ten milliliters). This does vary with each hamster and the climate they are in. And dwarf hamsters tend to drink slightly less. Remember always keep your hamster's water bottle full, even though it is more than they drink daily. The bottle could leak or your hamster may drink more than the usual amount of water daily, so play it safe and keep the bottle full. 

And for those of you who said "5 gal" (aka five gallons),

If a hamster could drink five gallons of water daily it would be in the guinness book of world records!

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