Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tips and Tricks

I am really bad about remembering to do my "tip of the week" each week. So now I just call it "tips and tricks" and do it whenever I remember. I just thought of a good one to do so here goes:

Tips and tricks: How to reduce that musky ferret odor!

Now, some people don't really mind that ferret smell (I don't really mind it), but sometimes it can get a little out of control and then EEEWWW!!!! It REALLY STINKS!!! Ferrets should pretty much just have a mild musky odor. It will always be there but it shouldn't be so bad you want to wear a gas mask around your ferrets. If you notice that mild odor of your ferrets is starting to be not so mild anymore, that is telling you something needs to be cleaned. (either the cage, the ferrets beds, blankets, and hammocks, or the ferret itself)

So to keep that ferret odor from becoming out of control and just plain icky, here's what you need to do:

Regularly clean the cage. Each day remove any droppings and urine from the litter box (or the cage bottom if you don't use a litter box) and weekly completely change all the litter and wash the cage. (either use vinegar or a specially deodorizing cleaner meant for small pets)

Each week wash your ferret's hammocks, blankets, and beds (these become quite stinky since the ferrets spend most of their day in them).

Every couple of months give your ferret a bath. For in between baths you can use ferret deodorizing spray. You can buy this to spray on the ferret, or you can get the kind that you spray on the cage and beds, etc. 

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