Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quiz answers are here!!!!!

Here are this week's quiz answers:


The answer is anything and everything that they can/want. Here is a bit more about these interesting shrimp:

 They are called Ghost Shrimp and sometimes Glass shrimp, because of their see-through translucent quality. (it helps them hide from predators). It also makes them difficult to spot sometimes in your fish tank. 

They have a stomach, (which sort of looks like a brain and can be seen right behind the eyes) (it is the orangish colored blob in the shrimp in the image above.) This stomach is often the only part of them that can really be seen clearly because of the food particles in it. 

These shrimp grow to be about 1 to 1.5 inches long and can live for a couple of years. 

They are often eaten by fish in the tank, so you have to be careful about who they live with. 

Sometimes fish keepers feed them to their fish as treats. 

They have ten legs and they use their legs to shove food into their mouth.

Like I said before, they will eat pretty much anything and everything. They will sometimes eat algae, but they are omnivores so they also need meat, and they tend to only eat algae as a last resort. As far as I know, there is no such thing as specially formulated ghost shrimp food. If they shrimp live in a tank with fish, they will eat the fishes leftovers. (if their aren't enough leftovers make sure to specially give the shrimp some of the fish food.) If the shrimps live by themselves in an all shrimp tank then what shrimp keepers tend to feed them is goldfish food.


The answer to this question is: ears cleaned, nails clipped, fur brushed, and baths.

Their ears tend to get dirty sometimes so they need to be checked regularly and if needed they need to be cleaned using special ferret ear cleaner, which can be found at most pet stores that carry ferret supplies. They need their nails trimmed regularly, or they will become overgrown and uncomfortable for the ferret. Their fur doesn't really tangle but a brushing now and then keeps their fur and skin healthy. Baths aren't really necessary but I highly recommend bathing your ferret every couple of months. It keeps their fur soft and silky and they smell way better! (Do not bathe them more than once every month or two because bathing them too often will cause the skin to dry out which causes the ferret to produce extra oils to keep their skin healthy which will increase the stinky ferret odor.) So baths are good, but in moderation. Ferrets teeth stay pretty clean over their lives, so they don't really need to be brushed. (that wouldn't be much fun for you or the ferret anyway)

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  2. The ghost shrimp are kind of creepy looking! :)