Thursday, April 14, 2011

responding to comments

I have some comments to respond to, so here goes:

Hermit crabs are pets?! Is there a difference between a pet hermit crab and the ones in the wild? Are they a specifically-bred crab? What could you do with one; are they interesting to watch?
-Curious Gram

Yes, hermit crabs are pets. They are actually fairly common pets, most popular with children. I don't believe there is any difference between wild hermit crabs and pet hermit crabs. There are two types of hermit crabs: land hermit crabs and marine hermit crabs. There are a lot of different species of hermit crabs too. All species of hermit crabs will be either marine or land. Land hermit crabs are the ones most often kept as pets, although some people do keep marine hermit crabs in saltwater aquariums apparently. (I have never even seen a marine hermit crab before.) Land hermit crabs are definitely more popular. They are interesting to watch. They like to dig in their sand, climb things, and they change shells fairly often and they also molt their skin regularly. They live for a long time and they can become quite attached to their owners. They enjoy being handled, although they do pinch sometimes.

The dumbo rat is kinda cute...Still wouldn't want one though! The hairless rat is ugly! I've seen some even uglier pictures of them though-good choice going with one of the less ugly pictures! Do you know anything about the "unofficial" dwarf rats? Some dog breeds have the strangest names! Love the new quizzes! :)  

I actually don't know much about dwarf rats, and I didn't even know they existed for a while. All I know is that it is basically a genetic mutation that causes the rats to be dwarfs, and it doesn't seem to have developed into a breed yet. They are basically the same as most rats, only smaller.

I was thinking the same thing as Animal Gram! That would be really fun! Have you had to give Munchkin a bath before? If you have, did he like it?
Sarah :) 

I gave Munchkin a bath soon after I adopted him last August. He wasn't on the healthiest diet before I got him, so his stools were too soft and he was too overweight to be able to clean himself properly, so he was a bit messy. He seemed to enjoy his bath. Which is pretty unusual for a rabbit, they normally hate baths, but he even played in the tub a bit. If I ever give him a bath again, I will be sure to get a video of it.


Posts coming soon....

Hermit Crab care, reptile and amphibian information and care, and once I get my fish I will start doing betta fish care (I want to do videos of a lot of it, so I need to actually get my fish first), and pet ownership without breaking the bank.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions - the more information you give us the more questions I have! Would like to hear about saving money while caring for pets. They can be very expensive. Anxiously awaiting the betta fish.
    -Animal Gram

  2. Thanks for answering my questions!
    Sarah :)