Monday, April 25, 2011

responding to comments

I've got some comments to respond too, so here goes:

Are you almost ready to get your fish? Will it be one or more? Also was wondering, although you've probably already told us, how big/small is a betta?

I, too, agree that pricey isn't always better. You sure do your homework!

-Animal Gram 

(this comment was posted under my fish tank heater post)

Yes, I am probably going to get my fish an a week or two. The only thing I have left to get is food, which I will get when I get the fish. 

This week I am probably going to set up the tank (I will try to do a post or video on how to do that) and get it running for a few days to a week. I am waiting for a water test kit I ordered to come so I can test the ph levels, ammonia, etc. in the fish's tank. Once that comes and the tank has been running for a few days I will get my fish.

I am just getting one fish. Since it is my first time owning a betta fish it is better to not try to put it into a tank with other fish, since I am getting a male. The reason is that males will fight other bettas, and some other types of fish. If I wanted to put other fish in the tank I would probably do cory catfish because bettas tend to get along with them fairly well, but you need more than one cat fish otherwise the betta might target it for fighting, and to put more than one in, I would need a bigger tank. And some fish really enjoy eating betta fish fins.

Male betta fish usually grow to be 2 to 3 inches in length. Females are usually around an inch to an inch an a half but may grow to be two inches.

I didn't know it took so much stuff to have a pet hermit crab! I always thought they were simple pets that didn't need very much attention. Are the land ones easier to keep than the marine ones? Also, what do hermit crabs eat?
Sarah :) 

(this comment was posted on my hermit crab care post)

I am not sure what wild hermit crabs eat. And I am not sure what marine hermit crabs eat. But pet land hermit crabs are generally fed dry or canned hermit crab food which is usually a blend of fish, shrimp, grains like wheat (which I am pretty sure they wouldn't eat in the wild) , and vegetable matter like carrots or seaweed, and added vitamins and minerals. For treats they LOVE LOVE LOVE coconut!!!

It is hard to say which is easier. For a marine hermit crab you need a saltwater marine aquarium. Which means it needs to be large (saltwater aquariums are difficult to do in small tanks), so you would probably have lots of fish and things in there. For someone who already owns a saltwater aquarium, a marine hermit crab would be simple. The only thing really difficult about it is that you need to have a whole saltwater aquarium ( and they get very, very, complicated) (not to mention pricey). Which is why they are not very popular in the pet world.

So if you were a person who already had a saltwater aquarium and wanted to add a marine hermit crab to it, that would be incredibly simple and very easy to care for, but to do that you would obviously have to be already maintaining and caring for a whole saltwater setup,which is a lot of work.

So in a way land hermit crabs are easier in their setup, but if you already had a saltwater set up, a marine hermit crab would be easier.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! :)

  2. Oh boy! - I'm getting excited about your fish. Thanks for the answers.
    -Animal Gram