Saturday, April 30, 2011

responding to comments

The tank looks so nice. Now a few questions: what kind of food will you have to feed your betta and how much and how often?
-Goldfish Granny 

(This comment was posted on my How to Set Up a Fish Tank Post)

I will be feeding my betta floating betta pellets. They are made with fish and shrimp meal and other meats. I am not sure what brand yet, it depends on what the pet store has. I would like to feed my betta the Aqueon brand of betta pellets which is made with all natural ingredients and has pretty good reviews. It depends on what my betta likes though, they can be a bit picky sometimes. I would probably feed my betta once or twice a day, the amount of pellets that they can eat in a minute, which is usually two to four pellets a day.

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