Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tip of the week

Okay, so here is this weeks tip of the week:

This is for all the pet owners out there that deal with litter and hay.

So since litter and hay are messy and get everywhere and the pets that use this stuff tend to like to make a big mess with it, here are a few tips on cleaning up hay and litter:

For Hay:

Sweeping up doesn't always cut it. The little bits get everywhere and are hard to clean up. Try a damp cloth or paper towel ( I learned that trick from my Dad ). This will catch all the little pieces. The next option is a vacuum. Sucks up little pieces of hay really well, but make sure you sweep up the larger pieces of hay because they tend to just clog up vacuums. I also vacuum off the broom I use to sweep up the hay because they broom gets a lot of little pieces of hay stuck in it.

For Litter:

Any vacuum should do the trick, but if you don't want to haul one out you can just sweep it up and use the same damp cloth trick that you would use with little hay bits.

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  1. The damp cloth sounds like the perfect idea for this time of year when everything is so dry and static-y!
    Love and hugs,