Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guinea Pig Care: Accessorizing the Cage

Okay, so you have a cage... but what do you put in it?

Here is what you need for accessorizing a guinea pig's cage:

1. Water bottles
2. Food dishes for pellets and vegetables
3. Hay racks or feeders
4. A hideaway
5. Bedding to cover the bottom
6. Toys!

Okay, those are all the things you will need in your guinea pigs cage. For the water bottle, pretty much any water bottle meant for small animals will work fine, but make sure it holds a lot of water because guinea pigs drink a lot! For the food dishes I would recommend a ceramic bowl that is not too deep for the pellets. Ceramic holds up very well and it is difficult for them to tip over. A bowl that isn't very deep is best because other wise the guinea pig will want to dump it out to eat. I would recommend a very shallow bowl or plate for the vegetables. Once the guinea pigs eat their veggies you can take this out of the cage. Hay racks that hook on the cage are heroes. Hay is very messy and without a hay rack or something to hold the hay it will get everywhere. Just make sure that the hay rack is attached low enough for the guinea pig to eat comfortably. A hideaway is absolutely necessary for guinea pigs. They a pretty nervous creatures and need a place to hide and feel safe when they are scared. Super Pet Plastic Igloos are probably the most popular and convenient hideaway for guinea pigs. You will need to cover the bottom with some sort of litter or bedding and I will discuss that in my next post. And lastly the cage should have toys. Chew toys, wood toys, plastic toss toys meant for small animals, cardboard tubes, and plastic tunnels are all good toys for guinea pigs.

Next time: The Great Bedding Debate

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  1. wait would i be able to make my own cage and put that stuff in it because its a storage bin how would i put the water bottle on