Monday, February 21, 2011

Recommended reading!!! +

So I call my recommended reading, "recommended reading +" now.


I am adding a short and quick book review of a book to the end of it.

So for this weeks recommended reading:

For all new rabbit owners or people who want to learn more about rabbits I recommend:

Yeah, this is a website, not a book, but it is awesome and it has a bunny supply store and the sales go to rabbit rescue! What more could you want! It has a lot of information and was my main source for preparing for owning a rabbit.

And now for the "+" :

I am reviewing the betta book that I just got: Bettas by Robert J. Goldstein.

So I think this was a good book with a lot of cool betta facts but....

It is a "complete pet owner's manual". I wouldn't really say that. I found that in the book it is mostly about breeding bettas. It did not have as much information as I wanted about just taking care of bettas as pets. A large part of the book was just taking care of the fry (baby fish) and genetics. Which was cool to read, but since I am not breeding a betta, that isn't what I wanted to know. I also thought that the "special chapter" on betta tanks was almost confusing and definitely lacking. So if any of you out there want to breed bettas, then get this book. But if you just want to have a pet betta I would suggest finding a different book.

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  1. I'm always suspicious of books that are the 'complete' or 'ultimate' guide or the ones called the 'bible' of a subject. They seldom are. There are, however, so many books on any subject, you can usually find one that is what you need.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your betta when you get it. Any idea when that will be?
    -Curious Gram