Monday, February 21, 2011

sort of correction/update for my guinea pig breeds post

So some of the breeds I told you about are not "officially recognized" as breeds by the ACBA (american cavy breeders association) and other guinea pig breeding organizations. They are considered "future breeds" so they basically are a breed but they aren't common enough to be officially recognized. These include:

Hairless guinea pigs (skinny pigs)
Self crested


I recently found out that apparently the rex guinea pig (the one similar to a teddy) is no longer considered a breed it is now considered a coat type by most. (I say most because I found a few sources saying it was still a breed) (but most said it is now a coat type). Confusing.


  1. Interesting that they won't call it a breed yet but apparently need to wait for it to become more popular to become a breed.

    And about the poll questions - I totally do NOT want to know what a gut-loaded cricket is. It sounds completely icky.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Your Mom is too funny!!

    I guess there's controversy in everything, even the world of guinea pigs.

    -Old Critter Lover