Monday, February 21, 2011

quiz clarification

I was asked in my comments why you should think the quizzes are trick questions. This is because one of the quizzes (this is tricky to explain but will become apparent when I give the answers) is a trick question because none of the answers really work but in a way all of them work. (I know that is kinda confusing). So what you do is vote "this is a trick question!" as your answer on the one quiz that you think is a trick question. And only one of them is. At the end of the week when I post the answers I will tell you guys which one was a trick question and why. And have no fear because next week I will be doing normal quizzes with no tricks. I just thought I would make it interesting this week.

Oh and...

A gut-loaded cricket is just a live cricket that has been either been dusted with or fed a calcium supplements and/or other supplements while it was growing. (They are more nutritious that way) (yum.)


  1. Thanks for the clarification. Guess I should have read the post explaining it first.

    Is that cricket anything like a chocolate covered ant? mmm - yum! (no need to answer this question)
    - No-Longer-Confused Gram

  2. When explained that way, gut-loaded crickets don't sound so gross. I still don't think I'd want to feed them to a pet though!
    Sarah :)