Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Responding to comments

I have a bunch of comments to respond to, so here goes:

 This comment was posted on "Bathing small pets":

Sounds like smaller animals are easiest if you don't want to bathe a pet very often. Dogs, however, are a different story. (Unless you have one of the little guys.) What about cats? I know some people do give them baths. What is your opinion?
-Animal Gram

Generally, when a cat needs a little extra grooming, I would use a dry or foam shampoo meant for cats. That way no water is involved. If it is ABSOLUTELY necessary I will give them a bath with regular cat shampoo and water. But I try not to for my own sake. Although in my shelter experience, I have met a few cats that actually enjoyed baths. But the majority of the cats HATE the water. 

 This comment was posted on"Quiz Answers!!!!":

Aren't beavers' teeth orange, too? I wonder if there are any other orange-toothed critters?

Yes, beavers teeth are orange. Besides beavers and degus here are the other creatures that I know have orange teeth:

Coypu (also known as the river rat or nutria)
A few types of wild rats have yellow to orange teeth, and domestic rats often have brownish-yellow teeth.

Generally only rodents have orange teeth. (yes a porcupine is a rodent)

This comment was posted on "Quiz Answers!!!!":

Interesting! I always like your Fun Facts, too. One question, though - why do rats grind their teeth?
Love and hugs,

Nobody is 100 percent sure why rats grind their teeth. Generally it is thought that they grind their teeth when they are content, and sometimes just grind their teeth to wear them down.

Here is a special FUN FACT!: When rats are bruxing you may notice a phenomenon called "eye boggling". Eye boggling is when the rats eyes are sort of "bulging" in and out. Basically it looks like the eye goes kind of bug-eyed and then back to normal. This phenomenon is created because the muscled that control the jaw movement also affect the eyes.

This comment was posted on "Quiz Answers!!!!":

I'm actually kind of surprised I got the second quiz right last week! I totally just made a guess! Do the other things they do have certain names too?
Great new quizzes! When I went to read over the new quizzes, I didn't expect to see something about chocolate! I always took it for granted that pretty much all animals can't eat chocolate, or just don't! I think this week you may trick some of us!
Sarah :)

There aren't any names that I know of for the other rat behaviors (wagging their tails, bobbing their heads, and wiggling their ears).

I will be answering comments on my other blog: Critter Corner soon too!

I also have videos coming soon on my Critter Corner blog, and I am working on the critter crafts video!


  1. Thanks for answering my question! The eye boggling thing is really interesting. Have you ever seen rats at the shelter do this? I can imagine it would make them look a little strange!
    Sarah :)

  2. Cool - I didn't know porcupines had orange teeth, too.
    And you're right about not bathing cats for our own sakes! :)
    Love and hugs,