Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quiz Answers!!!!

Here are this week's quiz answers:


It's funny, I though this question was going to be the easy one and the rat question was going to be tricky, but it turned out vice versa! 

So the answer is: carnivores

Ferrets eat mainly meat. They can eat some grains, but it is best for them to have a diet that is mostly meat. And it is best not to feed vegetables or much fruit to your ferret because they can't digest them well.

FUN FACT: Ferrets love the flavor of raisins! However it is best to only feed them raisin flavored treats and not the actual raisins, because they can't digest them well. And limit the raisin flavored treats.


I was very disappointed. I though this one was going to be really hard! But almost all of you answered it correctly!

The answer is: grinding its teeth

FUN FACT: Rats do all the other choices too! (wag their tails, wiggling their ears, bobbing and swaying their heads). 

Rats wag their tails when they are excited or distressed

Only female rats wiggle their ears, and only when they are in heat. They don't do it often.

Rats bob up and down and sway their heads a lot and the reason is that they have poor eyesight. So they bob and sway to detect motion when they can't see very well.

New quizzes will be up soon!


  1. Interesting! I always like your Fun Facts, too. One question, though - why do rats grind their teeth?
    Love and hugs,

  2. I'm actually kind of surprised I got the second quiz right last week! I totally just made a guess! Do the other things they do have certain names too?
    Great new quizzes! When I went to read over the new quizzes, I didn't expect to see something about chocolate! I always took it for granted that pretty much all animals can't eat chocolate, or just don't! I think this week you may trick some of us!
    Sarah :)