Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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"Healthy additions to a dog's diet":

Is this why dogs are always eating grass?

Also, I saw a commercial lately for refrigerated pet food. Is that a new thing?

Loved this post. So much interesting information. Thanx!


No one seems to be 100 percent sure why dogs eat grass. A dog eating grass can mean different things. It can mean that they are not getting enough nutrients in their diet, they have an upset stomach, or they are bored. I happen to think that sometimes they just feel like it. My dog likes to eat grass, but I know her diet is not the problem, nor upset stomach, and she isn't bored when she does it so she must just like it.

I have seen commercials for refrigerated dog food. It is made by a company called FreshPet, I believe. I am pretty sure that FreshPet is a new thing. Their have been a few refrigerated dog food rolls on the market before, but the whole FreshPet refrigerated food is pretty new. I have yet to see a pet store around here that sells it though.

"Healthy additions to a dog's diet":

How do you feed the salmon oil? Do you just add it to their dry food? I tried doing that and our dog and cat just didn't like it. Of course, she was a fussy cat and only ate dry cat chow, water drained from a tuna can, a little freshly cooked chicken or beef and the occasional mouse head (she always left most of the body behind for us to find!).

One of our dogs now loves carrots and apples and will do all kinds of tricks to get them. Apples are the best attention-getter. He comes when he hears me just cutting an apple.

Thanks for all the info.

-Animal Gram 

I just add a spoonful of the salmon oil to their dry food daily. Sheba just eats it because it is food and it is there to be eaten, but Lacey LOVES the stuff. I actually cover Lacey's spoonful of kelp in the salmon oil so that she eats the kelp all at once and doesn't make a mess out of it. (the kelp is dried and in tiny little pieces so unless I wet it, she gets it everywhere.

I add a small squirt (about 1/4 teaspoon or less) to the cat's food daily, and I mix it up really well so that she doesn't notice it as much and try to avoid it. It works pretty well, she doesn't seem to mind it.

"AWESOME NEWS!!!! / updates":

What an exciting week at the shelter! Was that a record? Can't wait to be introduced to Squirt II. As always, looking forward to new videos; although, I have to tell you that I keep going back to look at the one of Lacey chewing her bone - what an expression!
-Animal Gram 

I don't know if that was a record, but it was really awesome! If it was a record, it was beaten a couple weeks ago, where 32 cats were adopted!

"Updates and this week's shelter profile":

Dear one, have you ever met an animal you DIDN'T think was "super cute"?

Love and hugs,

No <3

"Updates on Squirt!":

Goodness! - Sure hope Squirt gains perfect health soon. These fish must come with things that you can't detect at first. Is it just the bettas or do most fish have lots of possible issues? I've got my fingers crossed for Squirt2!
--Animal Gram 

Yes, other fish do come with issues. My sister once brought home a fish and it died that very day. Betta fish tend to come with a lot of issues from living inside a small cup, which in Squirt's case had a pretty high ammonia content. They also get stressed out from seeing other betta fish constantly because they put the cups right next to each other. Once they recover bettas are pretty hardy fish and amazing for being able to live in the cups. 

I am happy to report that Squirt is still happily swimming around. I have now had him for 12 days. His fins are still slightly clamped but are still slowly improving. He is very active and wow, does he have an appetite! I think the "problem" with is eyes is just me being a paranoid fish mom. I am now pretty sure that he doesn't have popeye, since his eyes have stayed the same size since I have had him and haven't grown larger, or shrunk. They are also perfectly clear and free from whiteness or cloudiness, so he may just have bug eyes naturally. So I think his eyes are fine, but to be on the safe side I am continuing to medicate him until his clamped fins go away and he seems to be in perfect health. 

"Quiz Answers and updates!":

What would a lack of salt do to the guppies and mollies?

The term "dust bath" always sounds like such an oxymoron!

Love and hugs,

Guppies and mollies will be unhealthy and stressed without the salt or minerals in the water. They are more susceptible to infections and fin rot. It can also shorten their lifespans.

"Munchkin and his leash":

Have you ever tried taking him out? Martha

Despite the fact that the whole reason for getting a leash was to take him outside, I have not yet. I couldn't when I first got the leash because it was winter and too cold, and this summer I haven't gotten a chance to because either it has been wet and rainy, or it has been to hot for him. And on the nice days I am too busy, or I forget. : ), I am hoping to take him out sometime this week! I also have to locate a good spot that is free of buttercups which are growing in abundance in my yard this year. (buttercups are toxic to bunnies). When I do take him out, I will be sure to take a video!

"Dog baths":

I think that our friend may have just gotten a dog. She's never had one before. And, Emily (newly married) has a dog that she could probably use some help with. Do you do visiting consultations? Martha 

Sounds cool! I would love to help with her dog!

"Rabbit food and treats TO AVOID!":

I wonder, do you think that the onions and other foods are less bothersome after being processed? Martha 

Probably. Pretty much every food becomes less potent and nutritious after processing. Although I still wonder why they put it in the food. I also saw a rabbit food that listed "algae" as one of the ingredients. Why algae would be in rabbit food baffles me. It is common in fish food, but I haven't seen it in any other animal food before!

Wow! I didn't realize I had so many comments to respond to till I actually did this post! : )

UPDATE: Oops! A few of these comments (like the ones from my Squirt posts and a few others) were from my Critter Corner blog. I think I have done this before. I always forget to go check which comments are from which blog! Sorry about that!


  1. Thank you for your answers. I don't think it matters where you answer questions as I'm sure we all read both blogs. Love 'em both!
    =Animal Gram