Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ferrets and Guinea Pigs at the shelter

OOPS! This post is supposed to be under my "Critter Corner" blog, not this blog. Oh well. I got very confused yesterday and did all my posts on the wrong blogs. I fixed most of them, but this one already has a comment and everything, so I will just leave it here.   : )   

Currently the shelter has four ferrets and eleven guinea pigs!!!

For guinea pigs there are in total  .... five girls and six boys. The three newest arrivals are a single male piggy who is shy at first, but I discovered that he loves to cuddle and rub his nose on my face. The other two came in together in pretty bad shape. Their names are William and Kate. They are VERY malnourished. They are both just skin and bones. One of them has an ear that was torn previously and Kate has sore feet. So now they have fleece for bedding which is nice and soft for Kate's feet, and I gave them two heaping bowls of food and lots of treats and hay. (I think the other piggies were jealous, but Kate and William need to eat a lot to gain some weight). I think it is a good thing that they are at the shelter now, because I don't think they would have made it long in their previous home. They are both pretty lethargic, they aren't as noisy, messy, and playful as most pigs. They seemed to perk up after they had some of the treats I gave them. Hopefully they get to be healthy real soon. They are both very sweet, and friendly and very cuddly.

The ferrets I believe are all male. All four don't live together. They live in pairs. One pair is very funny. One of them is an old ferret and the other one is very young and a little fat. They are VERY playful. I had them in a ferret proofed room and they were CRAZY. They ran around and wrestled with each other, and when I was in there, they jumped all over me and bounced all around my feet. I am now calling this pair "The Flying Ferrets", because their new favorite thing to do is get up on something as high as they can get and then jump of and soar through the air with all their feet stuck out. It was HILARIOUS! I wish I had a camera with me it was the funniest thing. I decided their names should be Wilbur and Orville like the Wright Brothers (they invented the first airplane). The other pair is much calmer but still playful. 

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  1. I didn't think ferrets would play like that. Wilbur and Orville (great names) sound like quite a team! It must be a lot of fun to see.
    -Animal Gram