Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quiz answers are here!!!!!

Here are this week's quiz answers:


The answer is Syrian Hamsters. Most of you guessed roborovski hamsters, but they are actually the best type of hamsters to keep in pairs or groups. 

Syrian Hamsters are generally the most popular hamster, and they cannot be kept with other hamsters because they will usually fight which could result in the death or injury of the hamsters. The other three choices (campbell's, winter white, and roborovski) are all dwarf hamsters and can be kept in groups or pairs. 

Here are a few tips on keeping multiple hamsters together:

Have plenty of space so there are no territory issues

Make sure you know the hamsters' genders, or you may end up with a lot more hamsters than you started with!

It is best if the hamsters are grouped with other hamsters of their litter. That way they will have been born together and will be used to and bonded with each other. 

Be careful when introducing new hamsters, and do plenty of research first. 

If it is your first time keeping multiple hamsters together, I would recommend doing it with robos (roborovskis) since they tend to really enjoy other robo's company, and try to get hamsters from the same litter. 

Always be watching for fights and injuries, and if fights happen you may need to separate them.

It is best not to mix species. For instance don't put a winter white in with a robo, or a campbell's with winter white, etc. It is best to keep them all from the same hamster species. 

And remember to never put syrian hamsters together with any other hamster. They must be kept solitary in their own cage.

One more tip: Chinese dwarf hamsters can be kept together, but most recommend you don't, they can be pretty territorial and aggressive, and are very picky about living with other hamsters. If you want to keep multiple chinese dwarfs together definitely do a lot of research first. And definitely get ones from the same litter.

Campbell's hamster

Roborovski hamsters

Winter white hamsters (in the winter their fur may change color to be almost all white, hence the name)

Note: Sorry there is no syrian hamster pictures, none of the ones I used would load. : (


The answer is the Spotted Hifin Catfish. I made that up. The pictus catfish, the striped raphael catfish, and the cory catfish are all real catfish.

Cory catfish
Striped raphael catfish

Pictus catfish

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  1. Where do I find the new quizzes? Martha

  2. It's great having the pictures of the animals you describe. Just love the expressions on the faces of the Roborovski hamsters - they are cute!
    -Animal Gram