Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quiz answers are here!!!!!

Here are the answers to this week's quizzes:


The answer is the Coonhound. Coonhounds hunt by smell, not sight so they are not sight hounds. That is why they tend to have wrinkly, droopy faces, and floppy ears. The long floppy ears sweep smells up to their nose, and the droopy faces actually block out sight when they are looking down sniffing which helps them to focus on the smell. 

A little info on coon hounds: A coon hound is actually not one particular breed, the name coon hound covers quite a few different breeds including: the Treeing Walker Coonhound, the blue tick coonhound (I have seen a few of those at the shelter before), the redbone coonhound, and the black and tan coonhound (pictured above), and more.

The other three choices you could have voted for (greyhounds, salukis, and whippets) are all sight hounds because they hunt by sight, not smell. These three dogs are very lean with long legs and strong muscles. And obviously pretty good eyesight for a dog. Basically they view things at a wider angle than other dogs, which allows them to see more motion. Their long, lean, muscular legs help them to chase their prey very fast.





The answer is pinkie mice* for small snakes and rats for larger snakes. About half of you guessed that one, and the other half guessed mice and frogs which is not far off, as a lot of wild snakes eat mice a frogs, but I have never heard of anyone feeding a domestic pet snake a frog.

*pinkie mice are baby mice 

On the subject of feeding snakes I have to say that I like snakes and I think they are cool, but I could never have one because I would never be able to feed it. I couldn't feed mice or rats to anything, I am to used to them being pets, and I especially couldn't feed anything baby mice! That would be sad! So even though I do like snakes, I could never have a pet one. I get to interact with the garter snakes in my garden. Which is actually pretty cool. They aren't really afraid of me and they will let me touch them and sometimes they will slither around right at my feet, and I don't have to feed them, so I like them a lot.

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And, yes, I need to get a new post up on this blog besides quizzes. I am going to be doing some on dog training, feeding betta fish, and the dangers of overcrowding a fish tank soon!

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  1. Like the dog pictures! I couldn't have a pet snake either if I had to feed it anything live. Had a friend who was so afraid of snakes that if she saw a stick on the road when we were running, she would jump and shriek, thinking it was a snake. I prefer them outside, not in the house.
    -Animal Gram