Friday, September 9, 2011

Bunny Bonding supplies list

This is a list of all the things needed for bunny bonding:

A separate cage for the new bunny (they can't live together right away)

A separate litter pan, food dish, water bottle/dish, and toys for the new bunnies cage.

A neutral territory that neither rabbit has ever been in (a bathtub works great) (with no water obviously)

Pet safe deodorizer or vinegar (for cleaning the cage that they move into so that it is neutral and doesn't smell like one of the bunnies)

Gloves (to keep you safe when breaking up any fights that occur)

Spray bottle with water (optional. This can be used for deterring the rabbits from fighting and marking)

Treats or food (this is optional, it can be helpful)

Two towels, blankets, or stuffed animals (optional, these are given to the rabbits and then switched so that they get used to the smell of each other)

And this isn't really a supply, but you should always have the number of a vet you can call incase of injuries or questions.

Oh, and I forgot to mention two very important bonding tips in my last post:

ALWAYS supervise bonding sessions!

You will most likely notice mounting during bonding sessions. Let the rabbits do this, they are establishing who is the dominant one, and it is important if they are going to live together. The only exception is when they are mounting the head of another rabbit, then you MUST separate them because if the bunny being mounted bites, that will be some serious nasty injuries! And if they start fighting, boxing, or biting always break it up!

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